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Exclusive Interview: Stephanie Czajkowski Talks Her Powerful Roles In "Doom Patrol" and "Breakthrough"

“Actress Stephanie Czajkowski may not be a household name but you've probably you’ve probably seen her in your living room without even realizing it. Over the years, Stephanie has had small roles on Shameless, Grey's Anatomy, and Bones. Next, Stephanie will be portraying an intense character named Hammerhead on DC's newest show Doom Patrol that premiered in February.”

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Stencil Magazine May 2019

“If you haven’t heard of Doom Patrol, and you are into superhero outposts, then you’ll need to make sure to add it to your list of shows to watch in 2019! The show tells the story of misguided and quirky superheroes, led by a mad scientist, and one of the coolest characters within this new world is Hammerhead, played by the fantastic Stephanie Czajkowski

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WFOD Podcast

“we’re joined after the break by stephanie czajkowski, who plays the role of hammerhead on the dc universe program “doom patrol.” follow her very entertaining blog at