Stephanie Czajkowski


Born in Wisconsin to a family with a hard to pronounce last name (Check-house-key just FYI) , Stephanie realized she wanted to be an actor the moment she saw her first episode of The Brady Bunch, and insisted her mom write the TV station to ask how that might be possible.


When they wrote back stating it hadn't been in production for over a decade,  she resigned herself to grade school and the like.


High school was high school and after an early acceptance to NYU’s acting program, she honed her craft at  Playwright’s Horizon and Steppenwolf  Theatre while starring in musical productions like "Grannia: The Pirate Queen" and the US Premiere of "Discovering Elvis". Of course, some of the best drama came from her time bartending/bouncing at one of the city’s most notorious dive bars, The Village Idiot.


Coming to Los Angeles, she started with bit parts on non-union shows like I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant before moving up to the “bigger time” on series like Criminal Minds, State of Affairs, as well as Showtime’s Shameless where she did pushups with WIlliam H. Macy. There’s also been local theater, short films, a web series and her ongoing commitment to learning new stuff through UCB and Annie Grindlay Studios.


When not on set, you’ll find her working as a Group FItness Instructor  at Equinox Gyms, and, in case you’re curious, she can work local in Vegas, Chicago and even Canada where she is worshipped as a Goddess.

 ( Or so that one person called her that one time ...)